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Whether it be meeting NFA specs for a custom build of an AR-15 lower receiver, or your own logo on a magazine or slide, we produces high quality work. We set out to provide great looking firearm engraving and marking services for all our customers at the best possible prices.


Stippling for some can be an aesthetic enhancement, a practical grip enhancement, or both. The practicality of stippling comes from its ability to provide a vastly better grip on your firearm, especially under adverse conditions in which one’s hands maybe slick from sweat, mud, or blood. Stippling creates grooves and craters in the polymer for mud, blood, and sweat to run into and the edges of the stippling provide traction for your hands which means you get a better grip. A better grip equates to better control and recoil management and good recoil management leads to faster more accurate follow up shots.


Undercut, and round-over the rear of the trigger guard where the shooters middle finger rides, allowing for a higher, more comfortable grip on the gun and enhanced recoil control.

We now offer Gun Candy Colors from What is Gun Candy? Gun Candy adds that extra flare of color and design. We offer Chameleon paint, glitter and much more!